Top 5 Christmas Picks

As Christmas Day grows nearer and nearer we thought we'd help you out with our top picks for the coffee & tea lovers in your life (even if that is just yourself!)

1) Barista Training

If they've already got all of the brewers and gadgets you can think of, then how about booking them in for a training course with our baristas? We run courses in both filter brewing and espresso, so whether you're wanting to brush up on your aeropress technique or you're looking to nail a flat white on your home espresso machine, we've got you covered.

2) Handmade Ceramic Cups - COMING SOON!

We collaborated with ceramicist Jono Smart earlier this year to design a cup that improves the sensory experience of drinking coffee & craft tea. The thickness of the stoneware helps to rapidly bring down the temperature of your drink to open up the flavours, and the wide rim helps you get your nose in to experience the aromas. Handmade in Jono's studio in Glasgow.

3) Lalani & Co. Aurora

Designed in London by Jameel Lalani and ceramic artist Linda Bloomfield; made in England from fine bone china; the Aurora is the essential companion for every tea lover. A single serving infusion means you have complete control over the infusion time (the leaves will never be left stewing in excess water). The teapot pairs perfectly with our Jono Smart cups!

4) Chemex

The only coffee maker with a place in the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (to my knowledge), the Chemex is wonderfully ritualistic way to brew your Sunday morning coffee. Not only does it deliver a sparkling clean, delicate brew but it also looks great on your instagram... Don't forget to get some filter papers too!

5) Aeropress

Thanks to its simplicity to use and clean, the Aeropress fast became one of the most popular ways to brew a single cup of coffee at a time. Equally at home in your kitchen or on the brew bar at a speciality coffee shop, the Aeropress is quite simply a must have for all coffee lovers!

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