The Future Of Doughnut Friday...

First of all, dough-not worry! They won't be gone forever. But doughnuts will be taking a short hiatus.

Theres a few factors involved in our decision:

1) Changes to our lease at Glossop Road: Until now we've had a lovely spacious basement beneath our shop which has been used for storage. Long story short we no longer have this basement and the landlord is turning it into flats! This means we need to rethink how our kitchen operates without as much space as it had before.

2) Kelham! We're preparing to move all of our baking down to Kelham. When we get this set up and running then we'll hopefully be looking at doughnuts every day!

3) Staff: Even though the members of our team are exceptional at making, frying, and filling doughnuts from scratch, we simply don't have enough people to deliver them without extraordinary stress and long weeks. We're looking for a head baker and assistant baker to deliver our concept at Kelham, so if you think you've got something to add to our team then get in touch on


Sam, Neal, Julia, Astrid, Josie, Dan & Maggie.

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