Christmas Picks 2017

1) Travel Tumblers // £32

It seems you have to make a choice when looking for a reusable takeaway cup. Either a bulky vacuum flask that keeps your coffee hot, or a stylish reusable cup that leaks and offers no thermal benefits. REJOICE FOR THE TRAVEL TUMBLER IS HERE. These sleek devices will keep 350ml of your coffee hot for hours, they don't leak, and they look great to boot.


2) Wilfa Svart Grinder // £105

Tired of cranking that hand grinder? At £105 the Wilfa Svart is an affordable electric grinder suitable for all filter methods. Super easy to use and it looks great in your kitchen to boot! Pair it up with the Wilfa Classic Brewer if you want great coffee at the touch of a couple of buttons.


3) Prana Chai starter pack // £30

Prana Chai is handmade in Melbourne and IT. IS. AMAZING. It completely converted me into a chai drinker overnight. The powders and syrups we'd previously eschewed don't even come close to the depth of flavour found in this blend of black tea, spices & honey. (We also stock an Agave blend for vegans!). Warm the tea with milk of your choice (we use oatly milk) and then strain into your fav cup. Available in store only.


4) Stacking Mug // £12.50

We use these mugs to serve batch brew, lattes, hot chocolates and good old Yorkshire Tea. Hand finished, wonderfully tactile and incredibly satisfying to stack. They also perfectly fit an aeropress! Pair it with the popular plastic brewer and you've got a great little gift set.


5) Tsubame x Kalita // from £50

These Kalita drippers are handmade in the Japanese city of Tsubame, a city with a rich industrial heritage in metalwork. Available in stainless steel and copper they're a gloriously unnecessary but delightful addition to anyones brewing arsenal. Think your coffee loving friend already has everything? This is the gift for them. Available in store only.


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