Next Up: Tim Wendelboe

Today we will hopefully be unboxing a fresh delivery of coffee roasted by Tim Wendelboe in Norway. (I say hopefully as its dependent on FedEx! There's always the chance of international deliveries arriving a day or two later than scheduled).

We've chosen to brew Colombia Finca Tamana on guest espresso. You may recognise this from our current Hand Brew menu (albeit roasted by The Barn) but this is the Castillo bean variety, as opposed to the Colombia variety we've previously had. The opportunity for us to be able to brew different bean varieties from the same farm is down to the hard work the producer, Elias Roa, and Tim Wendelboe himself have put into the infrastructure and practices at the farm. Theres a great brief summary of the work they've done together here.

On Hand Brew will be Kenya Mutheka (winey, blackcurrant, rosehip) and Honduras Nacimiento (red berries, dark chocolate, winey acidity). From the roasters notes alone we are ridiculously excited to get these coffees on the bar and serving them as quickly as possible after cupping and nailing the recipes!

As always, we have also ordered a few bags for retail so you can take the beans home with you. Unfortunately with the costs involved in shipping from Norway, not to mention the taxes on top of this, the beans will be retailing at slightly above normal for a 250g bag. Supplies are also incredibly limited!

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